MW video compilation #1

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phillyslasher says:

You want to see a grown man cry, put me up there. I’ll sob like a little

Bashurverse says:

Oh my god, I couldn’t breath watching this!

CornerrecordZ says:

my palms ar sweating

I vomit on my sweater allready
mom’s spaghetti
wait a sec..

Timothy Oh says:

Holy fuck dude…
When most people talk about doing “incredible” or “mind-blowing” things,
they usually refer to slightly above-average things I can probably do with
a little practice…

but holy fuck… watching this made me nervous. Even if I had perfect body
control, I don’t think I would have the balls to attempt this~!!

MordFustang says:

0:42 Time to buy some new shoes!

Dwayne Smith says:

Either the bravest or the stupidest man alive. Maybe both.

Hailey Swamp says:

First time watching this after hearing about this in a video “15 Photos You
Cant Believe Weren’t Photo shopped” and im srsly screaming and out of
breath and glad im not high in the air x3 

SSJ32Gohan says:

* mouse runs over hand while hanging off the building *

MrDukke45 says:

is he darwin award contestant ??

Un1234l says:

My palms started pouring buckets.

Tommy Rumi says:

42 seconds in.
The finger thin rusted bar he’s hanging off???????
Not safe.


マジでスゴい見ててゾクッってなった MW video compilation #1: http:/youtubeloGM3VvpsOE

Dance Nation says:


Иннокентий Русский Правдолюбов says:

Я надеюсь этого пидараса грохнули на Востоке Украины, в Новороссии.

Wolf Man Lyken says:

too much faith in man made equipment.

Josef Semler says:

Nachtrag Votivkirche. Für alle schwindelfreien geht´s noch ärger…

Anne Steffen Willemsma says:
Владислав Шмидт says:

Мне одному хочется его подтолкнуть?

The Truth says:

0:28 gave me a heart attack

Айяжан Оразбаева says:

Ты охуенный чувак!!!

Benny Smith says:
mikekoz68 says:

Some of those ‘hanging’ shots look so real! Scary looking for sure, well

Денис Исупов says:

ладошки потеют при просмотре

Christopher Spiess says:

Check out this video on YouTu

PugSparkles_xx says:

I’m guessing he’s not afraid of heights??? Lol no, duh 

Kamen Rider says:

This is just insane. My head was tingling

SilvanFury says:

I can do that, here hold my beer.

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