Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Over the years Horn Law has successfully resolved a wide range of motorcycle accident claims resulting in serious injury and wrongful death. Recently, Horn Law produced over 60 short video clips covering frequent questions and answers about motorcycle injury cases. Motorcycle Accident Legal Representation Because of the life-changing trauma caused by motorcycle accidents, Horn Law is usually contacted by a family member or friend of the motorcycle accident victim. Horn Law attorneys, Doug Horn and Laurie DelPercio, are Kansas City accident lawyers who are ready, willing, and able to give immediate legal consultation to help lessen the burden on friends and family, particularly in regards investigations and insurance issues. Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Investigation Most accidents involving a motorcyclist occur because a negligent driver claims he or she never saw the motorcyclist. As such, immediate accident scene investigation is necessary. The investigation must include photos, videos, measurements, and documentation of vegetation and other physical characteristics such as sun position and artificial lighting. Investigation for the purpose of a legal claim should never solely rely upon police reports. An Independent investigation, done by trained investigators, is often necessary in a motorcycle collision case. Preservation of evidence and witness statements are very important, especially to establish the path of travel and possible evasive maneuvers attempted by the motorcyclist. Crash contact points and fluid trails can support accident reconstruction opinions. Motorcycle Insurance Issues Due to the fact that motorcycle accidents caused by negligent drivers often lead to serious injury or wrongful death, insurance companies are very aggressive in finding evidence to minimize the injured motorcyclist’s claims. For example, an insurance company may take the position that the motorcyclist was partly responsible for the collision. This is called “comparative fault” and under the laws of both Missouri and Kansas it can significantly limit the motorcyclist’s claim if not properly handled. Legal consultation with an accident attorney will cover all the relevant legal claims and avenues of recovery, including the motorcyclist’s own policies of insurance. Motorcycle Accident Injury Assessment At the outset, it is important for an attorney to help the injured motorcyclist obtain the best medical care available. Although the attorney should never be involved with medical decisions or recommendations, it is the responsibility of the attorney to sufficiently document and prove up medical causation, medical expense, short-term full and partial disability, long-term full and partial disability, future medical, and other issues that directly or indirectly affect the economic and non-economic damages. It is important that your motorcycle accident attorney have a track record in cases involving head injuries, neck, back, and spinal injuries, bone fractures/joint injuries, catastrophic injuries, disfigurement injuries, including road rash, scars, burns, and other trauma. In many cases, special experts must be retained to prove the degree of disability, life-care needs, and the effect on earning capacity. Contact Our Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Attorneys (816) 795-7500 While in some motorcycle accident cases it is clearly evident that a lawsuit against the negligent parties is required, there are other cases that can be settled. In either case, you must have a thorough case evaluation because your motorcycle accident claim is typically your one and only opportunity to obtain a fair and full recovery. Moreover, the conduct of the negligent driver must be taken into account. For example, the fault of the negligent driver may be aggravated by the fact that he or she was impaired, distracted, or driving in a reckless manner. In addition to liability and fault, the case evaluation takes into account a number of other factors. Other important factors include the medical course, including tests, nature of treatment, rehabilitation. The damages, economic and non-economic, past, present, and future are relevant to determining the case value, especially cases that are litigated. Horn Law offers you a free investigation. The Horn Law Firm, P.C. – Kansas City Motorcycle Lawyer Two Pershing Square, 2300 Main Street, 9th Floor Kansas City, MO 64108 (816) 795-7500

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At the Dallas Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg, we provide skilled, aggressive criminal defense to clients facing state felony and misdemeanor charges. If you have been accused of or indicted on a criminal charge, you need an attorney immediately. We will protect your rights and work diligently to keep you out of jail. Contact us right away to discuss your case, your rights, and your legal defense options with a reputable, experienced criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Gregg is an experienced trial attorney. He is in the courtroom on a daily basis. He is knows the Dallas County court system and the prosecutors. He builds effective case strategies on behalf of his clients based on this extensive experience. Our firm has a long track record of successfully defending clients accused of the following crimes: • DWI (driving while intoxicated) • Drug charges • Theft and robbery • Sex offenses • Assault and theft • Probation violations • Hot checks/Bad checks • Public lewdness • Assault • Drug Possession • Motions to Revoke Probation • Expungements We commonly defend clients facing criminal drug charges, such as possession of marijuana, or possession with intent to deliver. If you are facing a criminal charge, you are also facing severe consequences, such as jail time and serious fines. You need a defense attorney who knows how to work out a plea bargain to keep you out of jail or a not-guilty verdict if you are innocent. We will do our best for you based on the facts and legal circumstances of your case. Trust our experience and our commitment to responsive service and advocacy. Contact our Dallas law office today to learn how we can help protect your rights throughout every stage of the legal process. Dallas Criminal Lawyer | 214-559-3592 | Criminal Attorney Dallas Texas

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What To Do After A Car Wreck The steps you take after a car accident can impact the outcome of your personal injury case and, more importantly, your recovery from your injuries. The first step, of course, is to call 911. Police will arrive to complete a report, which may play a role in your case. An ambulance will arrive. Accept medical attention, even if you feel okay at the time. Serious injuries are often overlooked at first because of adrenaline. Get immediate treatment and then follow up with your own doctor as necessary to ensure the fullest recovery possible. Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN | 901-527-9600 | Memphis Car Accident Attorney If you are able to, gather information at the car accident scene. Ask the other driver for his or her information. Get the information of any witnesses. Take photographs of the scene. Do Not Talk To The Insurance Company You may inform your own insurance company about the accident, but do not discuss details or fault. Do not discuss anything with the other driver\’s insurance company. Be aware that insurance companies are businesses. These businesses stay strong by minimizing claims like yours. They will look for any opportunity to do so. Do not provide them that opportunity. Make certain that you first discuss your case with a Memphis car accident attorney at our law firm. We will educate you about your rights and make certain you understand how much your case is truly worth. We will not let you accept a lowball settlement. Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN | 901-527-9600 | Memphis Car Accident Attorney

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